Patient and Family

Patient safety

Steward Healthcare International Colombia has a patient safety program that encourages the active participation of patients and their families during the care cycle. Next we invite you to know some guidelines to take into account in order to provide the patient with safe care.

Hand washing: wash your hands whenever you enter and leave the service. You can also prevent the spread of infections.
Patient identification: always check the identification bracelet. Do not accept medication or procedures without having verified the data on the bracelet. If the bracelet is lost or not read well, request a new one.
Fall prevention: when you require displacement, please call the health personnel responsible for your care. Embrace the security measures: bed at the minimum height and keep the bed rails elevated, this will prevent a fall. Ask for help also to return to bed.
Safe surgical procedures: find out about the benefits, risks and possible complications of the procedure, in case of acceptance sign the informed consent, otherwise sign the dissent. The surgical site will be marked on the day of your surgery.
Drug reconciliation: it is important that you inform the health personnel about the medicines that you have regularly taken as a patient, in order to continue with your treatment.
Safe drug administration: check and inquire about the medications you are receiving and inform the staff about allergies presented with medications.
Accompaniment: it is important that every adult over 60 years of age has the permanent support of an intimate person or family member.
Rest measures: promote and embrace rest measures for the patient (speak quietly, restrict the use of cell phones or other electronic devices during your visit, among others).
If during your stay at the institution you have any congratulations, requests, complaints or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us through our suggestion boxes or at the customer service office.