About Us

Steward International

Steward Health Care is the largest physician-led health care network in the United States. The network operates 38 hospitals in the United States, Malta and Colombia.

The company employs approximately 42,000 healthcare professionals. The Steward network includes more than 7,900 beds under management and approximately 2.2 million lives covered at total risk through the company's managed care and health insurance services.


Steward Colombia

Our network of clinics is focused on the physical, mental and economic well-being of the patient and his family.

We are an organization that provides health services in development, which through a network of clinics will be an alternative solution to the health systems in the cities where we operate.

We currently operate two hospitals in the city of Bogotá, the Hospital Universitario Clínica San Rafael and the Clínica Centenario.

Nuestros Servicios
Our team
Steward Colombia has a high technical level and extensive experience professional management team. Our staff is multidisciplinary and ideal. We have professionals specialized in different areas to achieve our clients' expectations. They represent our humanized care model that serve with warmth and quality.

Our purpose
Fight for a healthier world and a new era of wellness.

We’ve designed the health care system of tomorrow and ushered in a new era of wellness. One that provides our patients better care at a lower cost; our providers unrivaled coordination of care; and our business unmatched scalability and economic sustainability. Changing the game of health care, forever.
Shared values
We champion the best health care
That’s because everyone has the right to great health—whoever you are and wherever you live.
We are hard-charging transformers
A gateway to a new world of extraordinary health care, that unlocks access to the high-quality, low-cost care everyone deserves.
We are good Stewards
Steward invests in the places where our employees and patients live, work and play, improving the quality of life in the communities.

Alianzas y Convenios

Para garantizar un óptimo resultado nos hemos aliado con empresas y operadores cuya trayectoria y reconocimiento son garantía de eficiencia, idoneidad y complemento para la obtención de nuestros objetivos institucionales. En cuanto a convenios de prestación con los diferentes responsables de pago, los elementos principales son la transparencia en las negociaciones y la pertinencia, oportunidad e integralidad de un portafolio de servicios mutuamente acordados.